Environmental Services

NEI can provide complete professional and technical environmental services, from preliminary environmental compliance evaluations to complete compliance solutions. We help client understand the environmental status or their properties through the completion of environmental site assessments, and if necessary remedial investigations and site cleanup. The permitting support provided by NEI's experience environmental professionals has assisted numerous clients in obtaining a wide variety of air, solid waste, wastewater, water quality and other environmental permits. We are familiar with the multitude of environmental regulatory programs and we make it our responsibility to be familiar with these regulations and how they apply to your business. We can provide assistance in the following specific areas:

General Environmental Services

  • Ecological & cultural resources
  • Remedial investigations, assessments & cleanup
  • Permitting
  • Hydrogeologic assessments & investigations
  • Environmental compliance plans
  • Environmental monitoring & assessments
  • Regulatory compliance assistance
  • Public Involvement and Participation

Property Investigations & Site Assessments

  • Phase I - V Environmental Site Assessments (using standard or modified ASTM Procedures)
  • Property transaction screening
  • Agency database research and chain-of-title reviews
  • Property inspections and audits
  • Soil and groundwater sampling and analysis
  • Remedial investigations
  • Feasibility studies and risk assessments
  • Development & implementation of corrective action plans & remediation activities
  • Wetlands investigations & permitting
  • Archeological investigations & permitting

Environmental & Ecological Impact Assessments

  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Assessments
  • Preparation of Environmental Information Documents (EIDs) & Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)
  • Wetlands delineation, management & permitting
  • Natural resource inventories
  • Endangered and threatened species consultation & permitting
  • Archeological & historical surveys & permitting
  • Wastewater reuse facilities

Hazardous/Industrial Solid Waste

  • Waste Management Unit design & permitting
  • Remedial investigations
  • Feasibility studies & risk assessments
  • Development & implementation of corrective action plans & remediation activities
  • Hazardous waste tank integrity assessment & closure certifications
  • Contingency & emergency response planning
  • Waste characterization & minimization
  • Environmental management systems

Wastewater & Stormwater

  • Domestic (municipal) wastewater permitting
  • Industrial wastewater & stormwater permitting
  • Pretreatment plans & monitoring
  • Construction site stormwater permitting
  • Storm water pollution prevention pPlans (SW3Ps)
  • Edwards Aquifer plans & constributing zone plans
  • Non-point source pollution & illicit discharge investigations
  • In-stream water quality assessments
  • Spill prevention, control & countermeasure (SPCC) plans
  • Spill resonse plans (Oil Pollution Act & Oil Spill Prevention & Response Act)

Compliance Assistance

  • Worker & community right-to-know programs
  • Facility environmental & procedural audits
  • Baseline and permit status audits
  • Regulated operation audits
  • Vendor and disposal contractor audits
  • Environmental procedure manuals(including ISO 14000 systems)
  • Training for plant personnel with environmental responsibilities
  • Discharge monitoring & reporting
  • Litigation support

If you would like more information about specific services or how our service offerings can be put to work on your project, contact an NEI office near you.