Engineering Services : Forensic & Investigative

Insurers and legal professionals have come to rely on Investigative Engineers to reconstruct the events that give rise to property, casualty, and liability claims. Our experienced staff has performed over 2,000 projects involving cause & origin determination, subrogation claims, scope of repairs, mitigation measures, replacement costs, upcoding & betterment, cost control measures, & litigation support. We can provide assistance in the following specific areas:

Forensic Investigations

  • Structural evaluations to address:
    • Foundation movement
    • Plumbing leakage and areas of influence
    • Windstorm damage
    • Building envelope (e.g. roof, walls, windows, etc.) damage & failure
    • Fire damage & arson investigation
    • Indoor environmental quality
    • Asbestos inspection
    • Mold assessment
  • Automobile accident reconstruction
  • Roadway & highway design, geometrics, traffic control & work zone evaluations
  • Equipment damage & failure
  • Construction failures & defects
  • Lightning impact & damage
  • Drainage & flooding impacts
  • Soils & geologic investigations

Restoration & Repairs

  • Structural restoration & repair
  • Asbestos management planning
  • Mold remediation consulting
  • Scope of repairs & restoration

Litigation & Insurance Claim Support

  • Preparation of supporting technical and engineering evaluations
  • Expert Testimony in the following areas:
    • Civil Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Sanitary Engineering
    • Structural Engineering
    • Asbestos Consulting
    • Mold Consulting
  • Deposition review
  • Technical support for alternate dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration, etc)
  • Insurance appraisals & arbitrations

If you would like more information about specific services or how our service offerings can be put to work on your project, contact an NEI office near you.