Engineering Services : Public Works & Infrastructure

For over half a century, NEI's engineers have been helping clients successfully plan, design, build and operate facilities for a wide variety of uses. NEI can provide complete professional engineering services, including planning, development of cost estimates and financing/funding options, engineering recommendations, design, preparation of construction plans and contract documents, contract administration, construction management, construction quality assurance and testing, start-up, training and operation. Each project is practical, functional and serviceable, yet with unique characteristics tailored to meet client objectives.

Our experienced staff has successfully completed numerous public works projects for various municipal and governmental entities and can provide assistance in the following specific areas:

General Services (Applicable to Multiple Public Works & Infrastructure Systems)

  • Master planning and system evaluations
  • Financing/Funding Strategies and Applications
  • Municipal comprehensive Plans (to satisfy the requirements of the Texas Local Government Code)
  • Utility system rate studies and impact fee evaluations
  • Automated control systems
  • Service connections and metering
  • Regulatory agency coordination and plan review/approvals
  • Environmental and Regulatory agency permits
  • Public Involvement and Participation

Water Supply, Treatment, Transmission & Distribution Systems

  • Permitting and obtaining water rights
  • Raw water reservoirs, intake structures & pump stations
  • Water supply wells and well field development
  • Water treatment plants (both new and existing)
  • Elevated and ground storage tanks and other storage facilities
  • Raw Water and Treated Water transmission facilities
  • Distribution pump stations and piping
  • Distribution system monitoring and regulatory reporting
  • Distribution system evaluation (pressure and flow) and modeling

Wastewater Collection, Treatment, Discharge & Reuse Systems

  • Collection system evaluation (flow and hydraulic grade line) and modeling
  • On-site sewage facility (OSSF) design and permitting
  • Collection system piping
  • Lift stations and pumping facilities
  • Wastewater treatment plants (both new and existing)
  • Wastewater discharge permits
  • Wastewater reuse facilities

Drainage, Flood Control & Water Quality Systems

  • Hydrologic and hydraulic evaluation and modeling
  • Drainage system planning and design
  • Floodplain delineation and mapping
  • FEMA map revisions and amendments
  • Flood control structures
  • Water Quality planning, design and permitting
  • Automated control/early warning systems

Roadway & Transportation Systems

  • Transportation planning
  • Route studies and schematics
  • Bridge design
  • Hydrology and drainage design
  • Pavement design
  • Geometric design
  • Preparation of Plans, Specifications & Estimates (PS&E)
  • Signalization and signage
  • Harbor and docking facilities and marine construction
  • Airport planning and design

Structural/Geotechnical Systems

  • Foundation design and evaluation
  • Building structural design and evaluation
  • Embankment and slope stability analysis
  • Forensic investigations

Municipal Solid Waste Collection, Processing, Disposal & Recycling Systems

  • Collection system evaluation (capacity and optimization) and modeling
  • Regulatory Notifications, Registrations and Permitting
  • Transfer Stations
  • Liquid and Solid Waste Processing Units
  • Land Treatment and Disposal Units
  • Recycling programs and facilities

If you would like more information about specific services or how our service offerings can be put to work on your project, contact an NEI office near you.